Metazoo Wilderness 1st Edition Booster Box

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Metazoo Wilderness 1st Edition Booster Box

The brush rushes - a flash of green and brown that rushes by in an instant - and then you hear it... a low growl, only feet from where you stand! Metazoo: Cryptid Nation's Wilderness expands on the world beyond the Veil, this time deep in the forests of Cryptid Nation. Bigfoot lurks behind the forest-line and the peaceful Cumberland Dragon roars on the Cliffside! Contract these Beasties with love, for they will be your greatest allies!

Welcome to the world of MetaZoo!

Welcome to MetaZoo, a trading card game like no other, where the world's most intriguing cryptids, known as Beasties, come to life. With an incredibly diverse collection of folklore from around the world, players will immerse themselves in an adventure filled with magic, mystery, and danger. Form contracts with powerful Beasties and enlist them to fight by your side as you journey beyond the Veil and discover the secrets of the world.

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Zach Loftin
The best seller ever!!!!

This guy is the best he ships stuff safe and fast and the customer service is amazing!!!! Thanks for all your help

You win some you lose some

My first booster i opened was a giant dud and only had 4 full holos. But the second one made up for it. With some great absolutely great hits


My order was shipped within hours of ordering. Very secure packaging and product came in perfect condition. Will be using the mint for future orders!


Best place to buy Metazoo

Sergio Manzano
Metazoo Wilderness 1st Edition

I recieved my Metazoo Wilderness 1st Edition on time with no issues. Packaging is always perfect. I have never recieved a damaged item from The Mint TCG. I highly recommend The Mint TCG to any collector new or experienced. Thank you to The Mint TCG crew.

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