Metazoo 2022 Topps Wilderness Box

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2022 Topps MetaZoo Wilderness – Online Exclusive

Topps and MetaZoo are back! Topps is thrilled to help bring MetaZoo’s colorful cast of cryptids to life with this limited-edition set. Featuring beasties from MetaZoo’s upcoming release: Wilderness, scenes from the MetaZoo story, and even spell & artifact cards; this set is a can’t miss for any fan of MetaZoo!

Pack Configuration:

• 6 cards per pack / 5 packs per box

• 19 Beastie Cards - 15 Bronze Beasties, 3 Silver Beasties, 1 Gold Beasties

• 5 Lore cards

• 5 Spell/Artifact cards

• 1 Foil Border Parallel

Insert sets:

• 1. First Sighting Cards – Rainbow Foil cards (#/99) (1:22)

• 2. Creator Cards (#/999) (1:50)

*Odds are approximate*

Set Configuration:

• Checklist contains 94 cards

• 68 Beastie Cards - 28 Bronze Beasties, 16 Silver Beasties, 24 Gold Beasties

• 15 Lore cards

• 5 Artifact Cards

• 5 Spell Cards

• 1 Collaboration Card

• 23 First Sighting Cards

• 68 Foil Border Parallels


Welcome to the world of MetaZoo!

Welcome to MetaZoo, a trading card game like no other, where the world's most intriguing cryptids, known as Beasties, come to life. With an incredibly diverse collection of folklore from around the world, players will immerse themselves in an adventure filled with magic, mystery, and danger. Form contracts with powerful Beasties and enlist them to fight by your side as you journey beyond the Veil and discover the secrets of the world.

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